Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Absent Love

What glory does the universe hold that could ever be greater than love?
That miraculous bonding of hearts, of minds, two lives interwoven together?
Sparse are the glories of the universe that can match the wonders of love.
That sweet embrace of souls. Two hearts, singing in tandem.

A friendship sewn and cultivated until it blossomed with glorious music.
A song that maintains its beauty in not just the moments of ecstasy, but through the mundane.
A companionship that finds beauty in the everyday, things both great and small.
Weaving through each other, through times both great and terrible,
Exciting and mundane, serious and silly.
Binding closer together, through shared experience and company, until two become one.

That melding of hearts, the merging not of flesh, but of souls, of the very being.
Two spirits blending together in glorious passion,
becoming not separate beings, but two distinct halves of a single whole.
Everything that they were apart, and yet much more. So much more.
Sharing thoughts and feelings, pleasures and pains, new experience and ancient memories.
Two hearts beating as one, a single life split now between two distinct halves.
Joined in a bond of passion, understanding, intimacy, companionship, friendship beyond words.

A bond that transcends space and time, connected across any distance,
and whose absence is keenly felt even before it is has been discovered.

Oh, my love, my sweet, beautiful, glorious love.
Without you, I am a shadow, a hollow shell,
An empty, shattered fragment of what I am when joined with you.
Even without yet knowing you, I can sense you.
I can hear the ghost of your whisper in my ear, the vague glimmer of your scent, your sweet and subtle taste,
Just beyond my senses you lie.
I can feel you, I know you. And without you I am incomplete.
A hollow, empty, bitter shell of who I am.

Oh, my love, my glorious love, I miss you so.
We have not yet met, but I know you.
Not in words, not in name, but in spirit.
I know your soul. It is the matching half of mine.

I know not where you are, or when, but I know you are.
Wherever or whenever you may be, I shall find you.
For without you, I am incomplete. My life is hollow, and without meaning.
Oh, my love, my glorious love, without you I am nothing.

But I will find you, my love, my princess, my queen, my morning star.
What 'er it takes, I will find you. I will stand by you, again I think, but for the first time.
And our hearts mended, our souls will be one.
Our song will reverberate through the stars,
Echo through universes.
Our love will shine like a beacon, with beauty unsurpassed.
Even now, the barest shadow of it that I can sense brings me to tears,
For its glory and wondrous beauty, and its absence.

So watch for me, my love, for I am searching,
And how 'er long it takes, I shall find you.
And we shall be together, whole and complete in each other.
My love, my sweet, my glorious love, my princess, my queen, my morning star.

I love you.